Dance Club, Gay/Lesbian
One of D.C.'s hottest haunts, this gay bar takes its name from the large fireplace by the main bar.
Mon-Thu 1:00pm- 2:00am Fri-Sat 1:00pm- 3:00am Sun 1:00pm- 2:00am
(Dupont Circle)
Dupont Circle (Red Line)

Editorial Review

Celebrating its anniversary not long ago, the Fireplace attempted to create an impromptu searchlight effect by turning the 500-watt halogens on the roof skyward and putting smoke pots beneath them to provide definition. The result was pretty billowy – so much so that a nearby fire department noticed, sending two trucks over to the popular P Street bar in a hurry. The only thing they found to put out was the blazing good spirits of the patrons. For no matter when you go into the Fireplace, you'll find it a racially mixed crowd of gay men engaged in vibrant conversation and having what could only be called a perpetual good time.

In appearance, the Fireplace is one of the District's more eclectic establishments. The town house facade is handsome red brick. The large downstairs room has the feel of a hunt club (sans overstuffed chairs and deer heads). A huge bar occupies the center of the room – it's virtually impossible not to catch a bartender's eye. And, best of all, in the bar's lower lefthand corner lies a real working fireplace (which can also be seen from the outside). Above it is a large screen broadcasting the music-video hits of the day.

The Fireplace recently renovated its upstairs, putting in a new center bar, a bass-y, beefy sound system and day-glo graffiti on the walls that cast a hypnotic spell when the incandescents go down and the black lights go up. It all helps make the Fireplace one of the District's hottest haunts.

– Randy Shulman