The Green Lantern

Gay/Lesbian, Bar

Editorial Review

The Green Lantern has undergone a transcendental rebirth. The original Green Lantern, which closed July 1999, was a small, dark bar with black spray paint over the windows and a less-than-elegant atmosphere. Now, a bright paint job, a new ventilation system and friendly staff have given the old place a new attitude.

Owner Greg Zehnacker wanted to open a club that was an alternative to the established gay venues around the 17th and P Street scene, one where "regular gay guys" could meet in a casual, clean and fun spot.

The central bar that sits square in the middle of the first floor is designed for a small crowd to engage in conversation. The modified space also allows patrons to, as one regular remarked, "casually cruise and be cruised." Featuring plants, high tables and chairs and televisions tuned to music videos, a small, comfy lounge area adds to the bar's uptown elegance.

Directly upstairs from the Green Lantern is the Toolshed, which caters to the "bear crowd" -- rugged lumberjack types, although flannel is optional.

The Green Lantern offers daily happy hours beginning at 4.

-- Wily E. Jones