Ireland's Four Courts

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Editorial Review

The Four Courts is a comfortable Irish American pub that provides the basics: forest green walls, Guinness posters and stained wood furniture; pints poured by staff with the melodious inflections of Derry, Cork or Dublin; a stone fireplace; a guy with a guitar singing tales of freedom and missing the old country.

Owner Fagan was a manager at the Dubliner downtown, and his experience shows. Pints are professionally poured, though the bartenders can seem a bit hurried. There's plenty of room to stand around and chat with your mates -- in addition to the bar, which is separated from the dining room by a high partition, there's a large area near the front window with barstools and counter space.

The pace is slower on weekends, when you'll see regulars sipping their drinks from pewter tankards, and the specials include "pie and a pint" Sundays, where the nicely cooked shepherd's pie and beef and Guinness pie are $4.95 with the purchase of a beer.

-- Fritz Hahn (March 2006)

Reader Reviews

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Tonight I witnessed a heavily drunk regular - an Irish man named Ian - paw his way at a group of women I was talking with. On interceding (at request) he threatened me with a "you dont know who I am, you had better be careful". On complaining to the female bar manager she told me that "I better keep away from him or I would be the one who had to leave" - so clearly he was kinda right. Irish mafia or simply pathetic scared bar management you choose - either way I would avoid which is a shame cos the the beer is good, the music is good and the food is okay for the type of place. Sort yourself out guys on your policy with dealing with drunk losers. Had good nights before - this is a real shame - I won't be going back.