Laughing Lizard Lounge

A divey, neighborhood sort of joint.
Daily 5 pm-2 am
(Old Town Alexandria)
King Street (Blue and Yellow lines)

Editorial Review

Everyone knows the bartenders; customers wander between the two rooms and talk to people shooting pool; and when "Brown Sugar" came on the jukebox at 9:30 p.m., the bartender immediately jacked the volume up, where it stayed, even when Kid Rock came on. The front room has a pinball machine, a pool table (there are a few more in the larger back room), and rows of chairs and tables pressed against the wall.

Live comedians used to perform here every week -- hence the "Laughing" Lizard -- but now the place has scaled back, only booking comics on occasion. Same with live music. Some weeks there's a live band, sometimes it's just a DJ. Better to just go for the pool and a cold beer, or call first if you're curious about when the lounge features a performer.
-- Fritz Hahn