Lindy's Red Lion

College Scene, Bar

Editorial Review

The Scene: A townhouse in the heart of the George Washington University campus, Lindy's is a laidback neighborhood bar for young professionals, but it mostly serves as a student hangout. The tiny bar is jam-packed with GW memorabilia and frequently people, as well, especially when there's a Colonials basketball game or other sporting event to watch.

In Your Glass: Lindy's has 10 different drafts and offers seasonal beers when appropriate.

On Your Plate: Burgers dominate Lindy's menu, with 26 inventive varieties for around $5 each. While plain cheeseburgers are available, most patrons go for the more creative selections, such as the Redskins burger, with salsa and nacho cheese, or the Pearl Harbor, with grilled pineapple. The rest of the food -- wings, mozzarella sticks, and sandwiches -- are comparable in price. The bottom floor of Lindy's is dedicated to the carryout service, Lindy's Bon Apetit [sic], which offers the same selections with less of a wait. It's also a favorite spot for breakfast and brunch among students, who will flock there on weekend mornings for egg sandwiches.

Nice to Know: Happy hour is from 4-8 p.m. Monday-Friday. On nice days, there is outdoor patio seating in both the front and back. The back is a quieter, enclosed patio that is much better for conversation, but the front is a prime location for people-watching. And if you're looking to satisfy a sweet tooth after a game and a brew, the Con-E-Island ice cream shop is right next door.

Price Points: Beer sets you back $4-$5 each, while most cheeseburgers cost between $5-$6.

--Maura Judkis (February 2005)