Dance Club
The two-level Liv, located above Bohemian Caverns, hosts free DJ dance parties and hip-hop and soul concerts.
(U Street/Cardozo)
U Street/African American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo (Green and Yellow lines)

Hip-Hop Karaoke

Do your friends drag you to karaoke nights where people drunkenly belt out Journey and Britney Spears? Then Hip-Hop Karaoke at Liv is for you. Practice your favorite MC’s stage prowl, multi-syllabic rhyme bursts and rap hands technique, then sign up to rock with a hype man and a DJ armed with a gang of classic hip-hop instrumentals. Whether you love Redman or Raekwon, Missy Elliott or MC Lyte, you can live out your rap star glory. Just get there early to avoid being shut out.