Pickles Pub

Sports Bar

Editorial Review

When some friends and I recently went up to an Orioles game, we headed for Pickles, which is located across the street from the stadium. "I don't know if we should go in," said my friend, Marc. "Did you see all the signs in the windows? This place is catering to Red Sox fans." Sure enough, in between the neon beer signs, notices read: "Sox fans, we have all the Sam Adams you need!" Talk about waving a Nomar Garciaparra jersey in front of a bull -- the place was full of folks sporting the wrong color shirts.

Unlike its neighbor, Sliders, Pickles doesn't usually allow outdoor drinking, and its two rooms were packed. We noticed the pickle-green walls, the bumpy, industrial-quality floor and tables piled high with empty bottles, cans and plates. Still, the beer is cheap (drafts are around $3), and the bartenders ring a loud bell 10 minutes before the first pitch to give folks a chance to get to their seats.

-- Fritz Hahn (April 2003)