Purple Parrot

Gay/Lesbian, Karaoke, Bar

Editorial Review

If you visited Rehoboth at the end of last summer, congratulations: You got an early look at the Purple Parrot's new beer garden. And if you haven't made it in yet, well, prepare to be impressed by Rehoboth's hottest outdoor space.

The 13-year-old restaurant and bar, known for its happy hour, weekend karaoke and Sunday night drag show, expanded into the cottage behind it last summer and turned that building and its yard into a most un-German biergarten, with picnic tables, palm trees and high bar tables sitting in a large plot of soft white sand.

Ja, the biergarten bar, serves Paulaner beer and the umbrellas bearing the Munich brewery's logo provide shade from the sun, but the flip-flop-friendly surface underfoot and inflatable beer bottles will have you asking for margaritas instead of hefeweizens.

-- Fritz Hahn (May 27, 2011)