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Great concept that got too big for it's swim suit

Seacrets was great 15-20 years ago when it was more subdued and relaxed -- and smaller. What was once a cool bayside bar where you could drink to the setting sun in a faux-Jamaica hut (and maybe be so lucky as to swim to the bar from your little boat or jetski) has turned into a behemoth with way too much machismo. Over the years as it expanded, it got clubbier and less personable. Sure, everyone wanted to go there because IT WAS A COOL PLACE!! but over the years it lost its "easy-going flavor". While "supply and demand" and "money talks" rightfully come to mind (don't I wish I was the owner...), I just wish it could be like it used to be. After all, Jamaica has a lot of beaches but all sem to have that laid back attitude.