Dance Club

Editorial Review

Located on top of a hill and surrounded by trees, Skinifatz looks more like a ski lodge than a boot scootin' bar. Inside, the environmentally friendly building is actually built around large trees that grow out of the floor. This is the kind of place where beer is the same price as liquor; the bartender calls you by name and refills your glass without being told; and cigarettes are only $3.25 a pack – you might not be in the country, but you're definitely out of D.C.
Skinifatz has a country dancing night on Tuesdays, where several people gather on the dance floor for free line dancing and two-stepping lessons. Though the group is technically there to be taught, it's obvious that these dancers have done this before, and that Tuesday night at Skinifatz is a regular kind of event. For first-timers, it is actually more fun to sit at the bar and watch the pros dance to old-school country greats like Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash than to join in.
– April Umminger