The Post Pub

A relic from the days when newsmen were fond of liquid lunches.
Mon-Fri 11:00am- 2:00am Sat 11:00am- 8:00pm
Farragut North (Red Line), Farragut West (Blue and Orange lines), McPherson Square (Blue and Orange lines)

Editorial Review

The Post Pub, right around the corner from The Washington Post, is a relic from the days when newsmen were fond of liquid lunches. The new media elites have moved on to Perrier on the rocks at noon but the pub remains, catering now to the average workingman and workingwoman.
Walk past the shaded glass and neon beer signs (and even the occasional hooker out front on the street after dark), and you'll find an intimate spot filled with cozy booths and a long bar. Nothing is too fancy here -- mirrored beer signs and old pictures of famous Washingtonians line the wood-paneled walls, while a jukebox plays softly in the back. Both the lunch and dinner menus are fairly short, perhaps a total of eight dishes; but the meals are hearty, such as pork chops and two vegetables. Happy hour runs daily from 5 to 8 p.m.

For such a tiny place, there's a pretty good selection of draft beers, wines and liquors. It's worth checking out if you're downtown looking for a pub meal and a few beers. Just don't expect Bob Woodward to be sitting in the booth behind you.

-- Dwight Thompson