Tommy Joe's

Sports Bar, Dance Club

Editorial Review

You can dress the frat bar up, but you can't take the frat boy out of it. Welcome to Tommy Joe's – the place to be if you're on the rebound or on the prowl.

Adjacent to a restaurant of the same name, from the outside it is easy to perceive Tommy Joe's bar as just an extension of the main restaurant – a place to grab a drink before your table is ready. Do not be fooled. The scene inside is festive and upbeat with plenty of things to watch, from sporting events on one of four TVs, to the dating game in one of two rooms. Keep in mind that audience participation is a must, whether it be cheering for the team amid conversation or talking to the person who keeps meeting your glance.

Gentlemen (or recent college grads): Look no further for a bar with atmosphere, where the game of the day or ESPN is sure to be tuned in and you won't be turned away for showing up in tennis shoes and that unwashed baseball cap you've had since freshman year.

Ladies (or recent college grads): Come to a bar where there are five post-fraternity/J. Crew guys for every girl, who will look at you like you're Miss America or like you've just spilled something on your shirt.

Despite the game inside, Tommy Joe's is not a sports bar. The bar is divided into two rooms: The first is decorated with mirrors and dominated by a wood-paneled, highly polished bar beside which a serious selection of wine is artistically displayed. Bartenders are in uniform – white button-down, tie and apron. The back room is a covered patio in the winter and an outdoor bar in the summer. This area is more laid-back; bartenders are not in uniform and bar tabs are literally clipped to a clothing line with pins.

Tommy Joe's offers a full liquor bar with mixed drinks starting at $4. Beers on tap include Sam Adams, Guinness, Miller Lite and Fosters. Domestic beer costs $3.50 and imports are $4, bottles or draft.

– April Umminger