Upper Deck Bar and Grill

Sports Bar

Editorial Review

Although it's close to Oriole Park, after one game, this second-floor bar had more occupants sporting mullets than game jerseys, and as many folks watching the Super-Shot mini-basketball game as staring at the televisions. (To be honest, my friends and I were lured by an ad promising two-for-one drinks with a ticket stub.)

Other specials here included $3 beers and $1 Jell-O shooters, which are served in small plastic cups -- think of the containers you'd use for ketchup at a fast-food joint. Flavors included margarita, island passion and cherry. The Upper Deck is a fairly anonymous room, but the bartenders are friendly, and it's worth a visit if you're looking for a more dive-like atmosphere. (Just beware of the gentlemen's club next door.)

-- Fritz Hahn (April 2003)