Dance Club, Gay/Lesbian
Please note: Wet is no longer a part of the Going Out Guide.
Wet closed in September 2006.
Fri-Sat 8:00pm- 3:00am Sun-Thu 8:00pm- 2:00am
(Capitol Hill)
Navy Yard (Green Line)

Editorial Review

The male stripper bars in Washington are different from any other male stripper bar in the country, even in the so-called progressive New York. And that's because the go-go boys in this town can get nekkid as jaybirds. And so long as they, er, um, prepare themselves off stage, out of sight of the customers (for touching thy privates in public is no longer allowed in D.C.), they can exhibit their full, um, er, tumescence.

Wet is one of the best stripper bars in town. The go-go boys are cute and lithe and they erotically charge the bar while sensually slinking about the various mini-stages scattered around the smallish room. Why, there's even a pole for a little "Showgirls"-style dancing. Wet gets its name for the open shower that sits on a staged area behind the bar, where the boys frequently soap up and rinse down. It's kind of like being in an XXX-rated locker room.

Gay porn stars often make special guest appearances; and the vastly entertaining, raunchy-mouthed gay porn director-cum-drag star Chi Chi LaRue is a perennial, performing several times a year (LaRue even shot one of his films at the bar). Patrons don't talk much to one another – they're too busy ogling the boys and stuffing dollar tips in their socks. This isn't a cruisy bar per se, but rather a great place to go with a group of like-minded friends or by yourself to rev up your own inner motor.

– Randy Shulman