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Alicia Eggert: Everything You Are Looking For

Mixed Media

Editorial Review

By Michael O’Sullivan
Friday, November 29, 2013

Alicia Eggert’s work is playful, often involving text--based signage that, through flickering neon or slowly turning electronic motors, alternately reveals and conceals itself, along with deeper messages. The work that lends its title to Eggert’s solo exhibition at Artisphere, for example, “Everything You Are Looking For,” appears to be a jumble of random neon letters until the epigram “Everything You Are Looking for Is Invisible” is finally spelled out.

On Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m., the Portland, Maine--based artist will attend a reception and gallery talk celebrating her work, which includes a neon sculpture mounted in the back of a truck. The mobile work will be parked at Artisphere during the event and, from Wednesday through Dec. 8, will roam area streets. Called “You Are (on) an Island,” the work delivers two distinct messages about isolation and community via the appearance and disappearance of the single word “on” from the phrase, “You are on an island.”