Gallery B

Bethesda gallery focuses on contemporary realism.
Wed-Sat noon-6 pm
Bethesda (Red Line)
Through 1/31

Coloring All the Angles

Paintings by Montgomery County artists Fran Abrams, Bob Elliott and Eric Garner are on display.
2/4 - 2/28

Coaxing the Elements

Glass artist Nina Falk, woodworker Lynda Smith-Bugge and jeweler Katja Toporski display their work.
3/4 - 3/28

Shelva Gallman, Janice Knausenberger, Shelley Lee Marie and Michele Morgan

The artists display their photography, weaving and paintings.
4/1 - 4/25

Loriann Signori

Plein-air paintings by the artist are exhibited.