Marin-Price Galleries

This gallery focuses on contemporary American and European art.
Mon-Sat 10:30am-7pm Sun noon-5pm
Bethesda (Red Line)
2/2 - 2/28

Gallery Exhibit

This exhibition displays the works of the gallery's latest artists, including Raka Bose Saha, Garrin Riggin, Joseph Barrett and Patrice.
3/7 - 3/27

Debbie Brisker Burk

Burk's first solo show will showcase her admiration for abstract painters like Richard Diebenkorn.
4/4 - 4/23

Rosaline Moore

American University-educated artist Rosaline Moore displays her latest paintings.
4/25 - 5/22

Joseph Sheppard

Baltimore-based artist Sheppard displays a selection of his sculptures and drawings.