Objects of My Devotion

Please note: This event has already occurred.
Objects of My Devotion photo
Jeffery Herrity

Editorial Review

By Michael O’Sullivan
Friday, October 3, 2014

At the time of Jeff Herrity’s 2012 graduation from the Corcoran, the 43--year--old art student ---- who was switching gears after a marketing career ---- had created a thesis project that placed tiny video cameras inside movable wheeled sculptures. Visitors were invited to point them wherever they liked.

Since then, Herrity’s work has changed yet again.

On Friday from 6 to 9 p.m., Hillyer Art Space will host an opening reception for Herrity’s “Objects of My Devotion,” an exhibition showcasing his ceramics. Cast from vintage plaster molds, Herrity’s newest works recombine bits and pieces of kitschy figurines to create surreal icons that, for the artist, conjure a new definition of family.

Also opening alongside Herrity’s show are two others: “Photo Album,” by Lee Gainer, and “The First Inhabitants,” by Alex Chiou.