One Life: Ronald Reagan

Painting/Drawing, Photography
Please note: This event has already occurred.
One Life: Ronald Reagan photo
Courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Editorial Review

‘One Life: Ronald Reagan’ opens at the National Portrait Gallery

In honor of the centennial of Ronald Reagan’s birth, the National Portrait Gallery opens “One Life: Ronald Reagan” on Friday.

The museum’s series of tightly focused “One Life” exhibitions — which have included looks at Elvis Presley, Thomas Paine, Katherine Hepburn and Walt Whitman — aren’t blockbusters; they take up only one room. But they’re a chance to see more facets of a subject than any single portrait allows. “One Life: Ronald Reagan” features a publicity image from the 40th president’s early movie career, a 1985 Andy Warhol portrait (based on an Arrow shirt ad), a cowboy-themed caricature by Patrick Oliphant and video excerpts of his most famous speeches.

— Michael O’Sullivan (Friday, July 1, 2011)