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Editorial Review

By Michael O’Sullivan
Friday, October 17, 2014

A celebration of the spirit behind Marcel Duchamp’s 1914 artwork “Bottle Rack” ---- a commercial rack manufactured for drying bottles that, when shown as sculpture, inaugurated the era of “readymade” art ---- “Readymade@100” is both cheeky and profound. Curated by Mark Cameron Boyd, the smart and lively group show at the American University Museum includes contemporary interpretations of Duchamp’s enduring concept of off--the--shelf art. Among the bedsprings, nails, squirt gun, car and more, you’ll find both humor and conceptual heft.

But hurry. “Readymade@100” closes this weekend.

Art review: ‘Readymade@100’

The American University Museum celebrates the centennial of Marcel Duchamp’s off-the-shelf artmaking.