Touchstone Gallery

One of the oldest cooperative galleries in D.C., the location shows an array of media from 50 member artists.
Wednesday-Friday 11-6
Saturday-Sunday 12-5
Through 9/28

About al

Bill Mould explores the complex topography of the human face, with the many odd, touching and unwittingly hilarious expressions we use to communicate.
Through 9/28

Out of Service

Rustic landscape photography by Pete McCutchen is displayed.
Through 9/28

Ruffled Feathers

Touchstone member artists work in photography, painting, sculpture, ceramics, collage and drawing to convey avian motifs as metaphors for human activity.
10/3 - 11/2

Near Distance

Gale Walker's paintings, drawings and prints embrace the reality of the visible distance that does not appear beyond a horizon line.
10/3 - 11/2

Raw & Pure

In this exhibit of recent works, Georgia Nassikas uses carbon, graphite, beeswax and pigments from nature to create striking large-scale paintings with philosophically charged themes of sustainability, balance, and imperiled beauty.
11/7 - 11/30

New Work on Paper

Artist David Alfuth displays his latest works.
11/7 - 11/30

The Observant Eye

Touchstone members express their vision in photography as well as other media: painting, sculpture, ceramics, collage, and drawing.