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U.S. Botanic Garden

Science Museum
U.S. Botanic Garden photo
Courtesy of U.S. Botanic Garden
A tropical paradise, its richly scented halls delirious with color and bloom, the U.S. Botanic Garden has always been an oasis for weary visitors.
Daily 10 am-5 pm
(The Mall)
Smithsonian (Blue and Orange lines), Archives-Navy Memorial (Green and Yellow lines), Federal Center SW (Blue and Orange lines)

Make A Living Holiday Ornament

Guests can create living ornaments for the holiday season.

Snugglers - Parent and Child Program

The 45-minute tour is designed for parents with small children.
Through 10/13

Amber Waves of Grain

An exhibition about wheat, the work of biologist Norman Borlaug and ongoing research into curing wheat disease.
Through 10/13

This Land Is Your Land

Photography by members of the Garden Club of America features plants of the United States from mountains and prairies to farmlands and arid lands.
9/29 - 12/8

Ongoing exhibits:

A collection of more than 4,000 plants and a tropical rain forest.