VisArts at Rockville

The visual arts center was formerly known as Rockville Arts Place.
Wen-Fri noon-9 pm Sat-Sun noon-5 pm
9/3 - 10/5

Julius Kassovic: Intimate Waterscapes

For eight years, in all seasons, Kassovic has been photographing the waters of a small, polluted urban creek and this exhibit presents the series in full.
10/17 - 11/23

Barbara Allen: Recent Work

Barbara Allen exhibits drawing and ceramics in her solo exhibition.
10/17 - 11/23

Strange Bedfellows

Curated by Blair Murphy, the exhibit explores intimacy in its various incarnations, approaching the topic from a variety of angles.
12/10 - 1/18/15

Jeffery Cooper and William Peirce: Recent Artwork

A two-person exhibition featuring the wood sculptures of Jeffery Cooper and William Peirce.
12/10 - 1/18/15

Steven Pearson: Recent Paintings

Pearson displays his arresting large-scale paintings.