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Brookside Gardens


Editorial Review

On the hunt for the next gardening trend? Look no further than Brookside Gardens.

Founded in 1969, the gardens mix perennial favorites (tulips, azaleas, roses) with newer gardening innovations (rain gardens, nature walks).

Initially, it was hoped that Brookside would resemble the behemoth to the north, Longwood Gardens, and that there would be a conservatory, a formal garden and plenty of open green space.

Brookside’s first landscape architect, Hans Hanses, came from Germany and adored the hardscapes of the time. This design is represented in the Trial Garden, which has raised brick beds and is near the conservatories. He eventually created a Japanese-style garden forming rolling hills and an island.

More modern additions include a rain garden, labyrinth and bald cypress grove. Another newer feature is the Woodland Walk, a boardwalk that meanders around the outer edge of the park so visitors can pass through the native flora in its natural setting.

--Amy Orndorff, April 20, 2012