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Dance Dance Dance

The best places to dance around town!


Also known as Midtown "Loft" because of the many stairs. Went to hear a Dave Matthews Band cover band that was so-so. Older 20's-30's crowd. Ok music during the band's break, but at least the DJ took requests!


Really fun on the weekend, though crowded, not too bad if you get a booth. Good poppy music


Something new to try?


GREAT music, good prices on cover and 2 for 1 drink specials. A little dead though and fairly small in size.


Went a few years ago, so not sure how the scene has changed. I remember a huge basement dancefloor and an interesting loungy 1st floor.


LOVE this place! AMAZING music, great dancing! Can get discounted or free cover depending on the night, but you have to get there early to avoid the enormous line. Also the neighborhood is pretty sketch, but it's worth it as long as you have a good group. Great space!


Great on a Friday in January, not too crowded, good music, mixed crowd, friendly bouncers ;) Decent price for drinks. Only disappointment was that the rooftop was closed. Otherwise the other 3 levels were cool.


TERRIBLE - Music is ear-splitting, way too crowded with overpriced drinks and super sloppy people. The fog machines blast you in time to the not so great music. Dance floor is much too narrow and once there are too many people it's hard to move down the bar. NOT WORTH IT.


Good prices for cover, often have open bar specials for events like Halloween or other holidays. Music often boring though, and the place is subject to GW frat parties - ugh.


Great music (99.5 or 93.9, I forget which, on Saturdays) but the dance floor shakes (not in a good way). Guest list closes early so you have to pay full price. Long line but it moves quickly. Felt a little out of place...

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Dance Dance Dance

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List: Dance Dance Dance
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