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These are local spots that I can't stay away from!


worth the money for the fries alone!


i live and die for the fried chicken here. also, the best grilled salmon with lentils i've ever had. Faux gras is heaven, but reserved for special ocassions or a table of 8!


OEG...when in doubt come here. it's not a culinary wonder, but the burger will be cooked as rare as i like it, the oysters are plentiful and you never meet a boring stranger at the bar.


just an awesome culinary experience in a very cool spot.


love the lobster cobb salad on the lunch menu. bring your AMEX for this place. or better yet, someone else's card.


Best frites in DC. no question. love the mussels and the lamb sausage.


love the tuna tartare served in the coconut cup. if you need a cosmo fix in dc, this is the place. love the seasonal nature of the menu.


best brunch deal in town. stay for the breakfast buffet and the jazz, leave full as a tick, with leftovers from the entree menu! genius!


Love Lafayette for luxurious breakfast! Classic, historic, delicious.


Elegant setting, perfect meal. great for a date. ladies, don't sit at the bar alone unless you want to be mistaken for a hooker. seriously.

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DC Eats

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