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Dish-trict's Favorite Food Spots

A list, in no particular order, of's favorite food and dining destinations.

  • lddavis
  • Updated 01/07/2016
  • 22 Items

My go-to spot in DC for delicious Mexican cuisine - favorites include the bowl o' guac and the fish and pork tacos.


Thanks be to cod at this tiny temple to all things fried. Be sure to order a side of curry and Marie Rose sauce for dunking your fish and chips.


Excellent subs and pizzas, plus super fresh pasta and sauces to go.


The best Thai in town. Favorite dishes - drunken noodles with seafood and duck curry.


My happy place for sushi.


Deliciously decadent brunch spot in Old Town.


An oldie but goodie for fresh produce, meats and dairy. And for a fish sandwich as big as your head at Market Lunch.


Great, cheap Indian. Two of us can eat well, with leftovers, for under $25, beer included. Try the samosas, the lamb biriyani and the vegetarian sampler.


The best Chinese cooking in the greater DC area, at least in my opinion. Must tries: the dumplings in red hot sauce, the cellophane noodles with ground pork, and the salty crispy squid.


I'll take a chili half smoke with everything. And an order of chili cheese fries. And a very large bottle of Tums.

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Dish-trict's Favorite Food Spots

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