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Favorite Finer Restaurants

For a variety of quality finer dining destinations, we got you covered!

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  • Updated 01/08/2010
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The Wine Room - One of the best private rooms in DC. Seasonal tasting menu and reasonably priced wine list.


For a special occasion splurge, classy, delicious and attention to all the details to feel special.


Here's where to take a serious food afficianado with a taste for adventure who can appreciate a WOW dinner where the only fireworks are on the plates.


If wine's your thing, Proof is your place. Sebastian is your tour guide through the wine list -- you're in good hands!


For a unique "haute-Indian" experience, this is where I take my friends who think they "know" Indian food to change their conceptions of what Indian flavors can become! Wine pairing is a nice touch.


Diverse combinations of firsts, seconds, charcuterie and cheese. Great find.


New Orleans comfort food that exceeds classic expectations! Always a hit! Get the duck (to die for) or shrimp&grits. Good bourbon selection too.


This is a culinary laboratory where the interactive show is as much of the experience as the 30+ tasty, creative bites at the bar stools.


New location rises to the level of the food. Can feel like a business meal location; request one of the few booths (for 2) for more intimate atmosphere.

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Favorite Finer Restaurants

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List: Favorite Finer Restaurants
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