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My favorite restaurants and cafés

  • nutkja
  • Updated 12/22/2012
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Very out of the way for me but this place is totally worth it. The pho here is my all time favorite soup, no question; and I've had a lot of good soups in my life. I've tried other pho but they never measure up to this place. There is very little parking and the place is usually full of Vietnamese people but once you order it is a matter of minutes until it comes. I absolutely love this place.


The gelato at this place is out of this world! The favors range from black cherry to white peach to valhrona chocolate and lemon opal basil, all of which are personal favorites of mine. Some the flavors may sound weird but they are almost always good and you can ask for taste tests before you order.


Outstanding Indian food (and I've been to India before) as always the palak chaat is amazing although I also enjoyed the biriyani.


Best tapas I have ever had! Even better than most of the tapas I had in Spain. The patatas bravas are amazing and the new mini iberico pork burger is to die for! This is one of my all time favorite restaurants.


Really good hot chocolate and coffee

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List: Favorite Restaurants/Cafés
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