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Indian, Italian, Persian, BBQ, Seafood, American


This is a warmhearted restaurant where the service is courtly; the cooking is aristocratic; the prices are proletarian; rockfish excels.


Every once in a while, a simply good pizza at an old-fashioned family pizza house is just what you need. And for a quarter of a century, Zio's in Gaithersburg has been producing one of the best pizzas in the area.


Above-average pancakes often make for a long wait, especially on weekends. It's generally worth it.


Nepalese treats and Indian specialties.


Satisfying, down-home, American cooking includes top-notch ribs, at fast-food prices.


Formerly Cafe Spice, this restaurant specializes in Indian fare but places Indo-Chinese options next to the tandoori, masalas, curries and vindaloos.


This red sauce-style Italian spot offers simple, homey flavors with a Middle American bent.


A reliable staple for casual lunches, brunches and dinners.


To say the place is lodgy doesn't do it justice. This is "Lodge" written in moose antlers. Lodge as Disney would have it. The Adirondacks by way of Montrose Road.


Far from what the regal name would suggest, Baronessa turns out the fare of a modest trattoria in an Italian village.

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