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Brasserie Beck

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  • 1101 K St, NW, Washington, DC
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late night

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Why not try it out?

why not try this out?


Downtown Restaurants near JW Marriott

Restaurants located near the JW Marriott/Metro Center

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DC Restaurants/Bars

I love these, and I think you will, too.

Belgian beer


Jeff's Super Awesome Fun Times List of Amazing Things

I love these, and I think you will, too.


Want to go

Places and events that I want to go to.


When you're tired of the same old ...

Sometimes we just get bored with our old standbys. Here are some new places to try.

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Need to try it


Baby Come Back

Places I need to go back to because it was such a good experience!

Had a wonderful birthday dinner here- try the Pink Killer beer. It's spiked with grapefruit!


Your favorite restaurants for first dates

We asked you for great first-date restaurants. Here's an edited list of some of your suggestions.

"Best First date restaurant: Brasserie Beck. HUGE selection of excellent beers and wines (you can order for each other), great atmosphere, attentive service and fab food. Big drink menu you can look through and comment on if there's a silence or two that you want to fill."


Great Places for Dinner

Date night ideas

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