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Hill Country

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  • 410 Seventh St. NW, Washington, DC
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Where to host a crowd

Large parties aren't a problem at these big dining rooms.

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Like its New York counterpart, the 332-seat D.C. restaurant attempts to replicate the atmosphere of an authentic Texas barbecue experience. If you're a newbie, prepare to dine a little differently. At the door, you're given a card that is stamped at the meat, side dish and dessert counters. Customers fetch their own sides and meats, which are sold by weight and bundled in butcher paper; servers, some of whom must squat down to hear you in the din, retrieve drinks and desserts. Whatever your pleasure, this is messy, roll-up-your-sleeves eating.


5 restaurants near the Newseum

For Deb and friends.

410 Seventh St. NW. 202-556-2050. Lunch and dinner. A casual place for Texas-style barbecue, served cafeteria-style in a Texas-sized hall. Tom Sietsema marks the decibel level here as deafening.




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Group Joints

Let's go

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For mar n jimmy

I love these, and I think you will, too.

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Penn Quarter


Loud, country music, Texas BBQ


Z Stuff


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