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Young and the restless

What's hot right now? These eight dining rooms are at the cutting edge of D.C.'s evolving dining landscape.

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This no-reservations Thai restaurant is a product of the same minds behind its neighbor, the starry Komi. Dinners are served family style. Every dish (and every drink) is accompanied by a short story or helpful instruction. A plate of sliced house-made pork sausage is garnished with sprigs of anise-flavored Thai basil that a server tells us to use for bundling the spicy coins of meat. A short stack of pork ribs, marinated in fish sauce and whiskey imported from Thailand, then smoked and grilled, is so tender, I'm not sure how the meat stays on the bone. I do know this: The finishing accents of red chili paste, fresh dill and sugar leave a trail of pleasure on the palate.


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