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Casual DC Restaurants

For a more typical, regular dinner out, here are my recommendations.

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  • Updated 08/25/2015
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Reliable, tasty broad-asian menu -- my main midweek dinner spot after work or the gym when I don't want to cook. Soups are excellent - especially spicy ones. My guests become regulars!


Going Out

When I'm taking my friends out, I want to show them good food. These are the first places I'll try.


Cheap and Easy

Mission: You're stuck downtown and have $25 to spend for dinner. Where do you go?

Two rolls plus edamame = $25, easy.


Places to try

Read a lot of good things and want to check it out

Good sushi, calamari and spring roll


Ashleys going out list

my attempts at trying to find an affordable and romantic place for my husband and myself


Food <3

Places I've been to...

Good vibe but so-so food.



Stuff to do with family on Thanksgiving!

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