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Rasika West End

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  • 1190 New Hampshire Ave., Washington, DC
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In most American cities, Rasika West End would rank as the best source for Indian cuisine. In Washington, the upstart faces formidable competition from a member of its own family: the original, jewel-toned Rasika, introduced to Penn Quarter by restaurateur Ashok Bajaj in 2005 and nurtured from day one by chef Vikram Sunderam. Drop by the baby brother for midweek lunch, and the scene is as boisterous as if it were Saturday night. The differences between old and new materialize the moment you step inside: A bar leads to a fizzy dining room where a three-dimensional ceiling evokes a canopy of trees and the blue booths ringing the perimeter take their cue from Indian ceremonial carriages. In the back of the restaurant is a raised retreat called the Library Room, named for the shelves of books that enclose it. Even more intimate is the glass-walled, eight-seat kitchen table.

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