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Chilling wit holmes

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Pumpkin specials including moonshine and bourbon


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Young and the restless

What's hot right now? These eight dining rooms are at the cutting edge of D.C.'s evolving dining landscape.

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I've always admired Ripple for the warmth of its service and the wit of its dining rooms, and now I can vouch for the cooking. Since Logan Cox came aboard in May 2011, the modern American bistro has evolved from a shiny bauble into a certified gem. I don't need food to entertain me. The interior does a good job of that. Owner Roger Marmet, a former executive at the Learning Channel, didn't have to look far for a tastemaker. He tapped his wife, Betsy, who has a master's degree in design from Parsons. Using the mosaic bar she inherited from the former Aroma cigar den as inspiration, she dressed the banquettes in a patchwork of fabrics that bring the '60s and '70s to mind, hung turquoise chandeliers from a chocolate-brown ceiling and added red pressed-paper tiles to a wall, suggesting swirls of wine.




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