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Tabard Inn

  • Restaurants
  • 1739 N St. NW, Washington, DC
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Walkable from my house, but better to bike there. Lovely spot for brunch AND on the "Best Of" list!


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Washington DC


Ricardo's 4/9 visit

Sat. Pregame

  • rdove10
  • Updated 11/18/2014
  • 4 Items

Your favorite restaurants for first dates

We asked you for great first-date restaurants. Here's an edited list of some of your suggestions.

"For a first date, nowhere beats Tabard Inn for romance with good food, good wine, and a good setting for conversation. Cozy in the fall and winter, an oasis in the spring and summer. The food is not so adventurous that a date might be alienated, but is sufficiently interesting to provoke conversation. The nooks, crannies, corners, etc. can test the merit of a date's curiosity...."


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  • slw_02
  • Updated 11/18/2014
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  • qladams
  • Updated 10/01/2014
  • 14 Items

Luv this place! Great place to take a date, especially when U don't wanna be seen, know what I mean?.....


Chops DC restaurant and Bar List

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  • chop1
  • Updated 08/29/2014
  • 47 Items
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