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  • 107 D St. NE, Washington, DC
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  • Updated 06/13/2015
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insiders' hangout - could be fun


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Tradition reigns

Restaurants where table linens and gentlemen wearing jackets are still the rule rather than the exception.

  • Updated 09/14/2012
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Graying lions in dark suits discussing tomorrow's headlines and tourists hoping to spot someone they voted for come together in a Reagan-red setting; the walls quote sayings such as "An empty stomach is not a good political adviser," painted in gold letters. The menu is a throwback, starting with oysters on the half shell and shellfish bisque, and continuing with liver and onions and pork chops with mustard sauce, everything delivered by no-nonsense gentlemen sporting gold vests. (If "Mad Men" ever films in Washington, here's a camera-ready reference.)

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