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The best cone in the city? My vote goes not to that pricey gelateria in Logan Circle but to the Source, next to the Newseum. That's where chef Scott Drewno and his crew fill fragile, faintly sweet cones of sesame and miso with minced tuna tartare and a dusting of shaved bonito. If my job didn't require me to cover the entire menu, I'd order the beautiful snack as my appetizer, entree and dessert. That's not to say there aren't other compelling things to try in this cool, airy (and loud) second-floor dining room. The restaurant's pan-Asian concept comes courtesy of California boss Wolfgang Puck, yet the plate manages to feel personal rather than corporate.


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5 restaurants near the Newseum

For Deb and friends.

575 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. 202-637-6100. Lunch and dinner. Right in the Newseum, so VERY convenient! It offers Asian-inspired plates in the cool, airy (and loud) upstairs dining room or pizzas and more casual bites downstairs. The downstairs bar is good for groups.


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Open for drinks Saturdays at 4pm

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