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Vienna Inn

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  • 120 Maple Ave. E, Vienna, VA
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old favorites

near 22151

the dive i went to with IDa bosses known for good chili dogs


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Justin Baker's Washington, D.C. Go Out List

Justin Baker's Washington, D.C. Go Out List


Been there

Places and events that I've been to


Jim's Favorite Pubs

I like my beer, and these are my favorite places to go.

The meanest servers in America, so mean that it has to be intentional. But a classic dive bar.


Vienna-Tyson's Favs w/ kid

These are the places we like to eat around the Vienna-Tyson's area with our 5 year old.

  • raydaly
  • Updated 05/04/2012
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This is as kid friendly as a bar gets. Colored placemats everywhere and usually a local kids sports team in the house. People love the chili dogs and the breakfast. Excellent alternative to a drive through.


Best dive bars

I love these, and I think you will, too.


DC Rocks

check it out.



Bike-trail treats

Places to get a bite while you're out on your bike

Is there a better, cheaper way to offset the health benefits of cycling than a chili dog and a beer here? That seems doubtful. It's a few doors south of the intersection of the W&OD and Maple Ave. in downtown Vienna


Dive bars

Dive bars

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