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Great places to grab some good food


Reopened, Still great place to grab and burger and beer...maybe some live music. True local brewpub in a real historic context. Doesn't get much better than that.


A french fried look at an american diner. Great stuff.


I just love Jerk in a big pan scooped into a box with slow stew veggy, some pantains and sweet bread. I need to go tommorrow...Me Hungry.


Love it.


Perfect, just perfect. Romantic and casual at the same time with classic french country dishes in a small one chef little restaurant is just perfect. I am surprised everytime we finish a fantastic meal there that we do not emerge on to an alley in some little village in the heart of France.


I do love buffet style Jerk anything, so maybe I can not be partial here when I say this place is fantastic.


Great Ethiopian Basics and a reallly good cup of coffee served in a freindly neighborhood quick bite storefront. Call ahead to make sure they have what you want or just stop by and enjoy a coffe and then come back for the the great food.


This kind of pizza place is one of my basic requirements for civil society. Meet, Greet and Eat.

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Matt's Favs

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List: Matt's Favs
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