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Places to Take Newcomers

Some of the places I like to take newcomers -- cool DC places, not necessarily tourist locations.


Vegetarian and Korean food a short walk from the Takoma metro station. Nice neighborhood hangout and great for weekend brunch/lunch


A Georgetown institution. The food isn't the best in town by far, but the atmosphere makes up for the cuisine.


It's not very big, often crowded, and probably over-priced, but it's a good cold weather outdoor activity downtown


A great 're-addition' to the Gallery Place area since its reopening. The presidential portraits are great, as are many of the temporary exhibits.


I've never explored the Pavilion itself, but the tower offers one of the best free aerial views of the National Mall area


It's sometimes painful to pay for museums when the Smithsonian is free, but this one's worth it. It's free on Dupont museum days but also more crowded.


Cosy bookstore near Connecticut and Nebraska Avenues in NW DC. Coffeeshop, author talks, and supporting DC's independent booksellers.


Tasty Indian food on M Street on the east side Georgetown. Attentive, friendly staff that greet regular customers with a smile


More extensive menu than the Dupont Circle location (though not as much atmosphere). Great place to stop for tea while spending a day at Gallery Place or the Mall.


Fantastic green space in the center of DC. Love the old Capitol columns and the bonsai exhibits.

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Places to Take Newcomers

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List: Places to Take Newcomers
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