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Recession-Proof Sustenance

Fill your belly without emptying your wallet.

  • eric
  • Updated 08/30/2011
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The Greek Spot served me quite possibly the most succulent Chicken Souvlaki pita sandwich I've ever imagined. Perfectly seasoned, fire-grilled tender and juicy, and farm fresh goodness wrapped in fluffy/doughy pita...truly a rare combo. I look forward to future experiences with this wonderful little hole-in-the-wall.


Filling a previously gaping hole in the DC culinary scene, Taylor Gourmet will remind northeastern natives of the food found at their local Italian Deli, but in a neighborhood that remains pockmarked by the ubiquitous wig shops and winos found in DC's H St NE corridor.


Fresh pseudo-Mex that's tasty and a healthy amount of food for a limited expenditure. The concept is well-realized, and clean design matches the menu's minimalist nature.


When ordering dinner at Pasta Mia you're choosing the next day's lunch as well. The line is a hassle & service ranges from indifferent to palpable neglect, but the cash only policy helps you budget.


More family-oriented than it's sister restaurant, Laurial Plaza, the food is equally solid Tex-Mex with less of a scene (and the corresponding wait).


Great BBQ at reasonable prices. You can't go wrong with an unbelievably succulent $5 pulled chicken sandwich.


The mixed grill salad is amazing, as are many other Mediterranean specialties.


Great pizza pies or slices at a fair price. Italian subs, cold cuts, imported cheeses are also supplemented by homemade pastas and sauces.


Tasty, juicy, Peruvian rotisserie chicken served with fries and coleslaw. The pollo is, rightly, the main attraction and worth many a return visit.

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Recession-Proof Sustenance

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List: Recession-Proof Sustenance
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