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Ron's Previous Visits

Previous Visits - last 2-3 years

  • rlowens
  • Updated 04/17/2013
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Great Anniversary Dinner - 4 course dinner is real bargain for DC area. Will definitely return.


Been there numerous times - one of our favorite casual restaurants - great breads, and great pasta with seafood combinations.


Beautiful main dining room "Winter Room" is only place to go - beautiful room. Service has improved significantly from early reviews. Ron's Pork disk "was best pork I've ever had". Ice Creams and rolls were homemade. Very expensive, as are most other 3* and 4* restaurants in DC area. Strongly recommended!


Pre Christmas dinner with Woods and Dad - Expensive - great food!


Two visits - remarkable food, service and dining experience - Ron Loves; too edgy for Joanne in food choices


Visited after show for desserts and coffee - would only go if we were attending a show.


Little bit "hotel lobbby' feeling but VERY good food - snow and christmas lights, with Woods


Little cramped, but charming - previous anniversary - good location - very good food.

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Ron's Previous Visits

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List: Ron's Previous Visits
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