Renaissance Dupont Circle Hotel

The newly renovated Marriott offers WiFi and easy access to Dupont Circle and Foggy Bottom.
(Dupont Circle)

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Worst experience in my life

After checkout they actually charged someone else's bill to my cridet card!!! An extra 308 $$ !! I called the front desk people at least 5 times, no one seemed welling to help ! They kept transferring me to their billing department but no one picked up the phone!!! I left 2 voice messages, including my cellphone n my email address and NO ONE contacted me back!!!!!!!!! It's been almost 2 months now and they still haven't give me my money back. They said the problem is no one asked this other guest for their credit card at the check in time, and that's why the mistakenly charged it to my card!!! How stupid is that!! I still don't get it, how can someone be so stupid and unhelpful like those different 5 front deck people I've spoken to!