Anacostia Community Museum

The Smithsonian's only neighborhood museum examines the history and culture of African Americans.
Daily 10 am-5 pm
Anacostia (Green Line)
Through 11/15

How the Civil War Changed Washington

The exhibit examines how the war changed Washington, from its population boom to neighborhoods springing up on its outskirts.
Through 12/12

Bridging the Americas: Community and Belonging From Panama to Washington, D.C.

Using images and narratives, this exhibition presents the various ways in which Zonians and Panamanians in the D.C. metropolitan area think about home and belonging in Panama and Washington.
8/28 - 12/27

Hand of Freedom: The Life and Legacy of the Plummer Family

The story of the Plummers -- a 19th century family in Prince George's County that was separated by slavery and struggled to reunite after the end of the Civil War -- is chronicled through one of its member's diary, video clips, artifacts and photographs.
Through 12/12/20

Separate and Unequaled: Black Baseball in the District of Columbia

An examination of the once-segregated national pastime in the African American community.