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Brewdog Tasting Event


Editorial Review

Inventive Scottish brewers BrewDog gained notoriety with beer geeks for a pair of absurdly strong beers called Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismarck!, which clock in at 32 and 41 percent alcohol respectively and are closer to a fine port than your average ale. (They also created Nanny State, a hoppy 1.1-percent alcohol brew, to deal with the potential backlash.) All this hype can get in the way of the facts: BrewDog makes some very good (and very hoppy) beers, including the malty Punk IPA, whisky-aged Paradox Stout and the lighter Trashy Blonde.

BrewDog beers can be hard to find around D.C., but that won't be the case on June 10, when ChurchKey hosts a BrewDog tasting with brewery founder James Watt. There will be ten beers available for purchase, including three different cask-conditioned versions of Paradox aged in Smokehead, Isle of Arran and Springbank whisky barrels. On draft, choose from Bashah, Punk IPA, Dogma, Devine Rebel, Tokio, 5AM Saint or Zeitgeist.

Expect to pay $7-$10 for a full serving of most of the drafts (or $4 for a four-ounce taste), or $11 a glass and $5.50 for a taste of any of the casks.

-- Fritz Hahn