Club Heaven and Hell

College Scene, Dance Club
Your usual mid-size dance club.
Fri-Sat 7:30pm- 3:00am Sun-Thu 7:30pm- 2:00am
(Adams Morgan)
Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan (Red Line)

Editorial Review

This Adams Morgan hot spot holds two bars with separate entrances: Heaven (upstairs, where else?) has different thematic dance parties every night while Hell (you got it, downstairs) resembles a frat basement where the mostly male clientele shoot pool.

Heaven is a noisy dance club with flashing disco lights, a shabby wood dance floor and blaring deejay music. On Fridays and Saturdays mainstream dance music, incluing house and techno, is featured.

There are four or five tables with couches and chairs, but if you want conversation – beyond "Shake your groove thing!" and "Come here often?" – head on down to Hell. The music on the stereo, usually hardcore, punk or rap, is grittier than above, but quieter. A banner over the bar announces "Welcome to Hell – Have a hell of a good time!!!"

The bartender may ask you if you'd like a "666," one of their specialty shooters which looks and tastes curiously like red mouthwash. As your eyes adjust to the dim lighting, you'll notice wall murals of grim reapers, skeletons and doomsday scenes; a few tattered chairs and tables; a pool table; and waxy masks protruding from the wall, illuminated by a lunar glow. Heaven or Hell? This time, anyway, it's your choice.

-- Maura Kelly