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Cochon 555


Editorial Review

Through this event, the organizers hope to raise the profile of heritage pigs, a term that's basically just a fancy name for swine breeds raised by small farms (not big industry) and produce remarkably different meat than what you'd pick up at Safeway. Five area chefs have been given a heritage pig and the challenge to prepare every inch of the beast in different ways for Sunday night's gala. Mio's chef Nicholas Stefanelli estimates that he'll spend around 18 hours working on his hog this week. The chef was loathe to divulge any details of his menu, but expect some slow-roasted preparations and some cured treatments to be among his arsenal. The other chefs are RJ Cooper of Vidalia, Brian McBride of Blue Duck Tavern, Jamie Leeds of Commonwealth Gastropub and John Manolatos of Cashion's Eat Place. A team of 20 judges will evaluate the dishes, but attendees are also asked to pick a favorite. The winner of the competition will be named the Prince of Porc.

-- Julia Beizer (GOG Blog, May 28, 2009)