Editors' pick

Digital Capital Week Opening Party


Editorial Review

Looking for something different and underground this weekend? If you're hip, like beer, love good flamenco/jazz/soul/house music, think breakdancers are cool, use Facebook, dig video art, want to see a robot do graffiti or learn to walk on stilts -- you need to head to the Long View Gallery for the grand opening party of Digital Capital Week, a ten-day festival of technology taking place across D.C. Here's what the opening has on tap:
1. Free beer from Silver Spring's Hook and Ladder Brewery and Pabst Blue Ribbon.
2. DJ Harry Hotter of the Beacon's Rooftop parties, avant-electronica duo BlueBrain and Paradise Movement spinning dance music with live percussion in two different rooms.
3. Live music from Kolai, Deborah Bond, flamenco guitarist Michael Perez and jazz singer Lulu Fall.
4. Photographers providing props and costumes and taking pictures you can use for your spiffy new Facebook profile.
5. A curated exhibition of nine video artists.
6. A demonstration of a robot that can spray graffiti.
7. Stilt-walking lessons.
8 A performance by Melissa Krodman, one of the choreographers behind the recent "Tactile Dinner" show.

The $20 ticket covers everything (including beer until it runs out).